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You’re invited to a smoke-free life. Finally putting down your tobacco is something to be celebrated. It can add years to your life, but there are many other benefits.

  1. You’ll save money. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.39. A 2-pack-a-day smoker is spending about $3,935 a year. How would you spend that much money?
  2. You’ll save time. Some people spend up to 3 hours a day smoking.2
  3. You’ll lower your risk of heart attack, COPD and cancer of the lung, mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas.
  4. You’ll have more time and energy to spend with family and friends.

The Quit For Life® Program is here to help you. You will have a trained Quit Coach to help make a quit plan that will work for you.
You will also receive:

  • An easy-to-use Quit Guide to help you stick with your Quitting Plan. The Guide has tips on how to stick with your plan.
  • Advice on which type, dose, and duration of nicotine substitute or medication is right for you, and how to use it so it really works. You will want to talk to your PCP about your options. CareOregon covers nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Access to Web Coach®, a private, online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress, and join discussions with other program participants.

Don’t miss your own party! Let the Quit For Life® Program help you celebrate your new tobacco-free life. Enroll today.

The Quit For Life® Program is a covered benefit limited to once in a 12-month period. Call 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454), or log on to for details or to enroll.

2 - The average smoker takes 7-10 minutes to smoke each cigarette and smokes 20 cigarettes a day according to the American Cancer Society®.
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