Global Partnerships

National Health Service change leaders share experiences, opportunities with Oregon legislators and health care leaders


In March 2010, Paul Corrigan and Helen Bevan from Britain’s National Health Service met with Oregon clinicians and health care advocates. Britain’s health service was once seen as an example of how not to nationalize health. Through innovation and quality improvement, the NHS is now a global success story.

Oregon nurses, doctors, legislators, and health administrators, insurers and advocates, talked with these NHS representatives about how we can move the focus from providing health care to creating a healthier population.



A number of hospitals in Oregon are participating in a collaborative based on the principles of NHS’ unit-based improvement program, called The Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care. Is your hospital or health care system interested? Contact Barbara Kohnen Adriance at or by phone at 503-416-3675.


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Presentation Videos


The Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care (The Full Story)

A 10-minute documentary, produced by the National Health Service, about the Productive Ward.


The Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care (A Brief Overview)

This is a short, two-minute overview of the Productive Ward, produced by the National Health Service.



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