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Expanded pilot invites applicants from across Oregon

Live WEll ParticipantsThe LiveWell™ Method is a revolutionary methodology CareOregon developed to help long-term care communities improve the quality, satisfaction and experience of care. Communities benefit on a number of measures. 

This simple, effective method coaches communities in a unique “bottom up, top-enabled” empowerment approach to teamwork, communication and leadership.

CareOregon piloted LiveWell™ in 10 communities in 2015 and an additional 20 in 2016. In 2017, the pilot will enroll 40 more communities throughout Oregon. The Oregon Department of Human Services is supporting the pilot to test the LiveWell™ tools and their broader applicability.

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Would you like to join the growing community of LiveWell™ practitioners in our expanded 2017 pilot program? Please complete this application form and participation agreement. 

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We’re happy to answer any questions! Contact the CareOregon IdeaLab team to learn more about how the LiveWell™ Method can help you and your staff create a culture of continuous improvement.

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How the LiveWell™ Method offers value

The Live Well Method

The LiveWell™ Method combines quality assurance and performance improvement. This provides the foundation for a culture of quality improvement. It touches many dimensions that affect the care experience: leadership, empowered staff, teamwork and communication. Because it affects community functions on different levels, LiveWell™ aligns with some systems you already have in place and other programs you’ve seen in the past.

LiveWell™ can give you and your staff tools to create a better environment to work and live in. This method:

  • Improves the quality of care
  • Improves resident well-being
  • Improves staff well-being and retention
  • Reduces the cost of care
  • Improves regulatory compliance

Why quality improvement?

Focus on Quality ImprovementFocusing on quality improvement is the right thing to do. Quality improvement supports a stable, well-trained workforce, safer environment and the organization’s financial health. It improves the bottom line by:

  • Reducing the cost of staff turnover
  • Reducing the cost of empty bed days
  • Reducing the cost of litigation
  • Reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims

Thanks for your interest! We’re ready to help you and your long-term care community benefit from LiveWell™. 

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