Our Advisory Council:

"We're members, just like you"

CareOregon’s member advisory council is called the CHEA, short for Community Health Engagement Advocates.

The CHEA is an active, passionate committee of Health Share/CareOregon members. They volunteer their time and talents to:

  • Make CareOregon better for other members.
  • Improve the well-being of their communities.

It’s a diverse group that keeps CareOregon directly connected with what our members care about and need. As the CHEA says, “We’re members just like you!”

Members making a difference

The CHEA—Community Health Education Advocates— meet monthly at CareOregon to share suggestions, give member feedback and set group priorities. Then they get to work!


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Join us in the CHEA’s work

Members of the Community Health Engagement Advocates bring their personal experiences to the group. They want to hear from other members, too. Please get in touch! Email chea@careoregon.org, or call Tamara at 503-416-1479.

Or apply to become a Community Health Engagement Advocate. We’re always looking for interested new members.

Developing a mission

The Community Health Engagement Advocates (CHEA) put a lot of thought into creating its Mission, Vision and Purpose statements. They’re included in the CHEA Bylaws.

A common thread is the advocates’ drive to make a difference. CareOregon is proud to support their commitment to member engagement and community well-being. 

Martin Taylor, Director of Public Policy and Community Relations, talks to KATU's AM Northwest program about our community grants program.


The CHEA of CareOregon encourages individual well-being and community health through shared learning and innovation.

How we started our advisory council

CareOregon created a member organization as a way to connect more directly with our members. We wanted to make it easier for members to tell us what they care about and need.

We share this priority with the Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care, a nonprofit we support and learn from.

The CHEA is a very important, active part of CareOregon.

Are you interested in forming a member advisory council for your organization? Read on about how we started our advisory council.

Member Advisory Council Timeline

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  • Step by step

For more information: Email chea@careoregon.org or call Tamara at 503-416-1479.