Better Together

The possibility of profoundly changing our communities starts with a new understanding of health. We invest in a health care system that promotes curing the ill and largely ignores keeping people and communities healthy. This is a broken idea.

We are asking our provider partners and our members to become involved in making this profound change. Together, can we commit to promoting healthy people and healthy communities? Can we fix the broken idea and the broken system that has grown out of it?

If your answer is “yes,” then we need you to get involved.

How You Can Help

Use this web site to keep up to date on legislation and transformation initiatives that affect you. Our commitment to you is to keep the information fresh and to let you know who to contact and how to reach them.

We Welcome Your Ideas

CareOregon members are also encouraged to become involved as Community Health Engagement Advocates (CHEA). We invite you to e-mail CHEA at