Provider / Pharmacy Search

Our Provider Search application enables our members to search for primary care providers, specialists, pharmacies, durable medical equipment vendors, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for behavioral health provider information, you need to go to Health Share's website.

You can search by city, county, ZIP code or your own address. A special advantage is the mapping function, which shows you exactly where a provider is located.

The Provider Search tool also includes information about which languages a provider speaks, which hospital or clinic the provider is associated with, and whether or not the primary care provider is accepting new patients.

Search for Provider


You can print directly from the web-based provider search. If you'd prefer a printed copy be sent to you, please call Customer Service. There is no charge for this service and you will receive your copy within five business days. 

If you have any questions about the search function, please call Customer Service at 503-416-4100 or 800-224-4840 (TTY: 711).


Important to Know:

Except for vision, chemical dependency, family planning or obstetric appointments, your PCP will coordinate your care.