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What does well-being mean to you?

What does well-being mean to you?

CareOregon posed this question to our community—providers and health plan members—over the course of 2013, then compiled the answers in a book released this spring online (

"The question seems simple enough, but the answers go straight to the heart of what we’re trying to do in Oregon to improve the health of all our residents," says Patrick Curran, CareOregon CEO. "We’re looking at the specific needs of each of our communities, then designing strategies to meet those needs."

This book is only one of the many ways we are researching needs and giving Oregonians a say in the future of care.
By asking these community members what well-being means to them, CareOregon expects to gain and share a better understanding of what individuals and their communities need to ensure well-being.

We know clinical care is only a fraction of total health and well-being. The rest is dependent on a host of other factors. We certainly had that confirmed by our talks with the 20 individuals and families in this book, the members, colleagues and neighbors in the communities we serve: Health Share of Oregon, Yamhill County Care Organization, Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization, Jackson Care Connect, CareOregon Dental and CareOregon Advantage.

The well-being project is available online: