MEDS ChartIt’s not always easy for patients to understand how to take medicine. It’s extra hard when there is more than one doctor and many prescriptions. The MEDS Chart helps patients work more closely with caregivers and health care providers to:

  • Boost your medication safety
  • Answer your medication questions
  • Discover if your medication is working
  • Promote better health outcomes

Ask for your MEDS Chart today!

Any CareOregon member can request a MEDS Chart that shows all your medications. The MEDS Chart can help you explain to doctors or caregivers if you have a medication side effect you don’t like, or if you are concerned about a medication not working for you. Letting your doctor, pharmacist or caregiver know how you feel about your medications can help them find choices for you that work better and may improve your health.

To request a personalized MEDS Chart, send an email with your name, address, and date of birth to: or call 503-416-4915.

You can also click the button below to open the MEDS Chart as a fillable PDF document.

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Alternate language options:
Russian Instructions
Spanish Instructions
Chinese Instructions
Vietnamese Instructions

Download a flyer to inform your patients or clinicians:

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MEDS Chart Quickstart Guide

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The MEDS Chart helps you remember why you’re taking a medication, and let others know how you feel it’s working for you:How to fill out your MEDS Chart

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