It can be a real challenge keeping up with many prescriptions all at once. And more and more people have a half dozen, a dozen, 20 and more. CareOregon’s My Easy Drug System is a tested way to keep track and to help doctors and patients work together to get the best out of prescriptions.

The MEDS Chart helps you remember why you’re taking a medication, and let others know how you feel it’s working for you:How to fill out your MEDS Chart

Who should fill out the MEDS Chart?

Anyone can use the MEDS Chart who uses medications or helps others with their medication, whether it’s for prescription, over-the-counter or herbal medications.

Does it matter if I’m not a CareOregon member?

Anyone can use the MEDS Chart to make it easier to organize your medications and talk with your doctor about them.

Where do I get the MEDS Chart?

You can print out copies of the MEDS Chart here. You can leave a message for us at 503-416-4915 (we’ll respond within two business days) or email and we’ll send you some in the mail.

How do I fill it out?

Please see the step-by-step instructions located here.

Which doctor do I list on the MEDS Chart?

You should list your primary care provider (PCP) and any other doctor that you see on a regular basis. 

When should I take the MEDS Chart to my doctor?

Take the MEDS Chart with you to your next appointment with your doctor.

Is there an electronic version of the MEDS Chart?

We have not created an electronic version yet because we would like people to start using the MEDS Chart in its simplest form. We are still looking into other possibilities.

How often should I fill out the MEDS Chart?

It’s a good idea to fill out a new MEDS Chart:

  • When you start, stop or change medications.
  • If you have a new diagnosis, a different provider or a change in your health condition.
  • At least twice a year is a good idea for most people.

Can I give this out to friends & family?

Of course, you may share copies with anyone who may find it useful. Also, remember to share your completed MEDS Chart with your family members or caregiver so everyone is up-to-date with your medications.

Where should I keep the MEDS Chart?

It’s up to you. Some people like to keep it with them in a purse or wallet. Some have found it handy to keep it in a place they’ll always see it at home, like on the refrigerator. Other people keep it filed with their health contacts, health plan papers and other medical information.

Ask for your MEDS Chart today!

Any CareOregon member can request a MEDS Chart that shows all your medications. The MEDS Chart can help you explain to doctors or caregivers if you have a medication side effect you don’t like, or if you are concerned about a medication not working for you. Letting your doctor, pharmacist or caregiver know how you feel about your medications can help them find choices for you that work better and may improve your health.

To request a personalized MEDS Chart, send an email with your name, address, member ID, and date of birth to: or call 503-416-4915.

You can also click the button below to open the MEDS Chart as a fillable PDF document.

I have questions. How can I get help?

We’ll be happy to help you with your questions. You can leave a message for us at 503-416-4915 or email We will respond promptly.

Download The MEDS Chart here: MEDS Chart