It can be hard to obtain a complete list of a patient’s medications. It can be equally hard to find out how patients feel their meds are working, and how they are actually taking them. There may be medication-related problems that can be avoided by asking the right questions. It’s not always easy for patients to understand how to take their medications, especially when there are many prescriptions from several prescribers. Pill bottles don’t always show the name of the indication that they are meant to treat. Using the MEDS Chart helps patients voice how they feel their medications are working for them, and to work more closely with caregivers and clinicians to:

  • Discover if medications are working
  • Find out what’s really going on with adherence
  • Improve medication safety
  • Promote better health outcomes

The MEDS Chart helps patients reinforce the reason for taking a medication, allowing them to better express how they feel about taking it – and if there are any concerns:

How to fill out your MEDS Chart

Our clinic staff is starting to see patients bring in the MEDS Chart. What is it and how can we find out more about it?

The MEDS Chart is a simple way for the patient to let you know how each medication is working for them and to help start a conversation about medications. It allows you to see the patient’s perspective about their medications, as well as giving you an idea about their health literacy. To find out more about it, please leave a message at 503-416-4915 (we’ll respond within 48 business hours) or email We’ll be happy to come to your clinic and talk to your staff or provide training.

Is the MEDS Chart for all of my patients or only CareOregon members?

All patients are welcome to use the MEDS Chart.

Does a clinic staff member or pharmacist fill out the MEDS Chart for the patient?

It is designed for the patient to fill it out by themselves or with a caregiver.

Does the patient need an appointment to review the chart?

A special appointment to review a patient’s MEDS Chart is usually not needed. But if the chart is filled out before your visit with them, it may help you identify questions or issues together.

How do I make medication changes to the MEDS Chart?

Write your changes directly on the MEDS Chart. This is a great way to create a communication loop between you and your patient.

I need to use our clinic’s medication list for our records. How does this fit?

Continue to use any documentation you already use. The MEDS Chart is for the patient to keep. Feel free to scan a copy into your records if you like.

Does CareOregon need a copy?

No we don’t. Our interest is in promoting better health. The MEDS Chart is for you and your patient to help facilitate a conversation about medicines.

Is there an electronic version of the MEDS Chart?

Not yet. We’d like people to start using the MEDS Chart without any electronic limitations. But we are continuing to explore the possibilities.

Can I get some copies for the office?

Yes! You can print them out here. We can also mail a package of them to you. Please leave a message at 503-416-4915 or email

Start using the MEDS Chart today!

Any CareOregon member can request a MEDS Chart that shows all their medications. The MEDS Chart can help patients explain to their doctors or caregivers if they have a medication side effect they don’t like, or if they are concerned about a medication not working. Letting their doctor, pharmacist or caregiver know how they feel about your medications can help patients find options that may work better for them and lead to better outcomes and adherence.

To request a personalized MEDS Chart, send an email with patient name, address, Member ID, and date of birth to: or call 503-416-4915.

You can also click the button below to open the MEDS Chart as a fillable PDF document for non-CareOregon patients. 

Download The MEDS Chart here: MEDS Chart