Living Well with Chronic Conditions

Melancholic teenager.What is Depression?

Depression is a mental state that causes you to feel sad and hopeless, as if you’re helplessly watching your life spiral down. We all feel unhappy and weary some of the time, but when you’re depressed, everyday tasks feel overwhelming.

The following are some signs that you may have moved beyond normal sadness into depression:

  • You avoid others and cancel important engagements.
  • You feel unworthy, guilty, anxious, or hopeless for several weeks.
  • You feel tired or restless much of the time.
  • You gain or lose weight for no medical reason.
  • You sleep too much or not enough.
  • You think about committing suicide.
  • Your sadness is affecting your loved ones.

How can CareOregon help?

  • People with depression often suffer in silence. If your symptoms persist for several weeks, please reach out to us. Although CareOregon does not pay for mental health services, help is available through the Oregon Health Plan. You can receive mental health assessment, case management, therapy, and inpatient psychiatric care from the Mental Health Organization (MHO) in your county.
  • Health care professionals can suggest lifestyle changes (such as exercise routines) and offer psychotherapy, counseling and/or antidepressant medications.
  • Contact Customer Service at 503-416-4100 or 1-800-224-4840 for help with referrals. The TTY/TDD number is 1-800-735-2900. 
  • The Synergy Personal Health Management Program is available to some CareOregon members living with depression. Contact our Customer Service Department at 503-416-4100 or
    1-800-224-4840 (TTY/TDD number: 1-800-735-2900) to learn more information about this program.
  • Chronic conditions can be a burden to your way of life. Don’t let them be! Learn more about Living Well With Chronic Conditions Workshops.

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