We’re glad to be teaming up on your health care journey. CareOregon is your partner for physical, dental and mental health care, and substance use treatment benefits. In this section, you’ll find information about:

  • CareOregon’s benefits.
  • Resources for physical, dental and mental health.
  • The Oregon Health Plan and how to apply.
  • How to find us in your community.


Get started

  • Benefits overview: Learn about your CareOregon benefits, download our easy guide, find forms and more.
  • Physical health: Search for a provider. Learn about topics like after-hours care, vision care and pregnancy care.
  • Dental health: Our partner dental plans have you covered when you need oral care.
  • Mental health and substance use treatment: Get help from a counselor. Find out how you can quit tobacco or get help for substance use.
  • Oregon Health Plan: Learn about the Oregon Health Plan, find out if you qualify and learn how to apply.
  • Find us in your community: Our local Connect to Care events help you enroll in the Oregon Health Plan and offer SNAP help.



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