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Bacteria and cavities – protecting your family’s mouths

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common childhood disease? And it’s almost entirely preventable.

Bacteria (germs) in the mouth can lead to cavities. And not just bacteria in a child’s mouth.

young girl in dental chair touching her cheek

Parents and anyone taking care of a baby share almost everything with them. This includes mouth bacteria.  It can happen every day, and through activities such as:

  • kissing a child on the mouth
  • sharing a spoon or a fork
  • cleaning off a pacifier or bottle with your mouth

The best way to fight the spread of bacteria is for all family members see the dentist regularly as well. Dental visits and good in-home care will lower the amount of bacteria in the mouth. This lowers the risk of sharing bacteria with any child(ren). A healthy mouth is a family affair.

Need help finding a dentist?  You can find a link to your dental plan’s provider directory on our Dental health page.
Your dental plan is listed on the back of your Health Share of Oregon member ID card. If you can’t find your card or are unsure of who your dental plan is, call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090, or toll-free at 888-519-3845, TTY 711.