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Preventing Mouth injuries

Kids will be kids. That’s what they do best. As a parent or someone who provides care for a child, your most important job is keeping them out of harm’s way. This includes their mouth. Injuries to your child’s mouth and face may be prevented. If they play sports or participate in any other activities where their mouth could get hurt, it is especially important to provide protection. A mouthguard can be the best and most cost-effective defense against mouth injuries.

young girl holding a skateboard and a mouthguardA mouthguard is a simple piece of gear that should be part of a child’s standard equipment from an early age. They greatly reduce the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. Many different types of mouth guards can be found and purchased at sporting goods stores, drugstores and many online stores. And they usually only cost a few dollars. That’s a small price to pay for solid mouth protection.

So whether your kids are playing teams sports, or just hitting the skatepark by themselves, get them properly outfitted with a mouthguard.