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Do you EDI? CareOregon is testing HIPAA 5010 (updated)

November 23, 2011

In preparation for the CMS mandatory implementation deadline of 1/1/2012, CareOregon is testing HIPAA transaction version 5010. For more information on 5010, refer to DMAP’s 5010 page or http://www.getready5010.org

Transaction 835 (remittance advice) - We are testing with our trading partners. If your organization receives 835’s from us and is ready to test, please e-mail contact information to ICD10@careoregon.org. Read the CareOregon 5010 835 Information Guide.

Transaction 837 (claims submission) – CareOregon receives all 837’s via Emdeon. If you are interested in testing, please contact Emdeon at www.hipaasimplified.com. They have their companion guides posted at the same website. CareOregon’s EDI is 93975.

The upgrade from 4010 to 5010 will not change other operations processes, for example we will continue to accept claims via the mail, and will continue to deliver remittance advices to providers either by 835, FTP or by mail as appropriate. Read CareOregon's 5010 837 FAQ.