Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Yourself

At the start of each new year, we get a fresh start. New year resolutions can help us improve over the year before by helping us make positive changes. Do you have resolutions yet? If not, here are 10 easy ones that you can do for yourself.

New Year's Resolutions - for yourself

Resolutions for yourself


  1. Do something you fear – Have you ever been swimming in the ocean? Touched someone’s pet snake? Or talked to someone on the phone? All of these things can be scary to different people. Be like the author Cheryl Strayed, who has turned her fears into strengths.
  2. Drink more water – This one here is very important. Water is the best. Ice cold water is even better. Get yourself a trusty reusable water bottle and keep it around you wherever you go. It’s one habit your entire body will thank you for now and later.
  3. Find your inner artist – “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso said that. And he’s right. Get back to drawing, painting, singing, crafting, cooking or whatever it is you create. Creating builds self-confidence. It improves your skills. And it gives you something real to look at and share.
  4. Keep a journal – Many of us save photos so we can look at them again later. Well, keeping a journal is kind of the same. You’re recording your thoughts and memories for later. Write your thoughts on paper. Type or speak them into your phone or computer if you have one. Whatever way you do it, get those thoughts out of your head and free up space in brain for new ones. It’s great (and inexpensive) therapy.
  5. Be and talk nicer to yourself – Hey, it’s a new year. So forget about 2020. It’s history. Just as much as 1920. It’s in the past. You have 350+ new days ahead to be your own best friend. So how can you be better to yourself? Here is some good advice.
  6. Workout to feel better, not for how you look – COVID-19 has given all of us a pass when it comes to image. So this one kind of takes care of itself. Working out can help your body fight sicknesses like COVID-19 and the flu, and neither of those care about what you look like.
  7. Spend less time on social media (or be nicer while there) – It’s easy to get trapped in social media conversations where people can be mean, nasty and full of bad information. Practice your power of choice when it comes to being social online. Or, choose other types of social media with more positive senses of community.
  8. Go to the dentist – A healthy mouth can really boost self-confidence. And if you’re a CareOregon Dental member, you’re covered. Smiling, if even behind a mask, is contagious.
  9. Stretch!!! – Get up. Right now. Reach up with both arms and try and touch the sky. Walk around. Shake it out. Bend down and touch your toes if you can. Do this regularly. There’s a reason why they taught you all this in grade school! But if you’ve forgotten by now, here are a few relaxing and stress-relieving stretches to help you stay loose.
  10. Talk to friends and family – Stay in touch with your closest loved ones. They might need you just as much as you might need them. Tell them about your resolutions. They can be your support system and help you achieve your goals.

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