Innovation that creates results

We have almost 25 years of experience at the intersection of medical cost management and health policy development.  We use this accumulated knowledge to develop and implement programs addressing the challenges of health equity and care management. 

Active programs

Connect to Care
Previously known as goMobile, our Connect to Care outreach program meets current and prospective Medicaid members in the community, helping them navigate Medicaid and get the care they need.

MEDS™ Chart

This simple to use tool gives patients a full picture of their medication experience to inspire conversations with their healthcare providers that address all of their needs.

Health plans and clinics, working together, write a new prescription for health when access to healthy food is a challenge.

Health Resilience
Going to where patients are, to understand their barriers to health is key to truly patient-centered, effective care. 

Our history of developing solutions

Over the years we have developed and implemented several programs to meet specific needs in our state, some of which have influenced care nationwide. Follow the links below to learn more about our history of forward-thinking action.

Global Partners

Over the years, CareOregon has worked closely with global pioneers of innovation and improvement. Some of these partnerships include: