Our vision statement

Guided by staff Health Equity Advisor Denise Johnson, our Board of Directors adopted this Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement:

 “The pursuit of the highest possible standard of health for all people is the heart of CareOregon’s values and mission. We recognize the process of achieving health equity and the creation of an inclusive and diverse work environment includes the intentional deployment of resources to identify disparities and redress them when found.  It also requires giving special attention to the needs of those at greatest risk of poor health, based on social conditions and socially defined constructs, such as racial categories and poverty.

“To more fully accomplish our mission and live our values, the Board of Directors champions and supports a steadfast commitment to equity, and diversity and inclusion.  This commitment will be reflected in our goals and vision. It will be evident in our organizational structure, policies, deployment of resources, and the composition of the staff and board of directors. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and actively seek to foster an organizational culture of humility, respect, integrity, authenticity and learning while creating value informed by our members, staff and the communities in which we serve."  –CareOregon Board of Directors, January 2018