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CareOregon's 25th Anniversary: No agonizing over finances

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 @ 7:00 AM
CareOregon's 25th Anniversary: No agonizing over finances
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Matthew Louck and family

In recognition of CareOregon’s 25th anniversary, each month we’re featuring a story of the programs, people or providers who are the components of our story.

Matthew Loucks and family

Matthew Loucks, CareOregon member>

A hard-working family man, Matthew was struck by multiple cancers and lost his work-based health insurance. Thanks to Oregon’s Medicaid expansion, he doesn’t agonize that paying for care hurts his family finances. With his wife as the breadwinner, Matthew’s health allows him to care for his children and grandmother at home, cook healthy meals and coach his daughter’s softball team.

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