Select your Plan Member Letter

You should have received a letter that looks like this, announcing these changes.

CareOregon + Health Share of Oregon

At CareOregon, we believe every member deserves great care from providers they trust. That’s why CareOregon is proud to be a part of the Health Share of Oregon Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). As a current CareOregon + Health Share member, you have access to our broad network of providers at no cost to you through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

What is changing with Medicaid/OHP coverage in the Metro area?

There will be new health plan choices starting in 2020 when a second CCO is added to the Portland Metro Area. Some CareOregon + Health Share members will be reassigned to this new CCO by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) but will have an opportunity to switch back if they so choose.

What does this mean for you?

You will be receiving a letter from the Oregon Health Plan by October 23rd telling you which CCO will be coordinating your OHP benefits in 2020. If you are assigned to a CCO other than Health Share, you will have from October 16 through November 17, 2019 to switch back to CareOregon + Health Share.

If you are unable to make the switch this fall, you will have another opportunity from January 1 through March 31, 2020.

To stay with CareOregon in 2020, you will need to:

Select or keep Health Share of Oregon for your OHP coverage before November 17, 2019. For more information or to find local help visit or call 877-647-0027.

You will need two things to fill out the form on the OHP website, or when you call to get help over the phone:

  1. Your (and each family member's) Health Share ID number, which you can find on your member ID card.
  2. The Letter ID from he "Pick Your Plan" letter sent to you by the Oregon Health Plan in October.

Why stay with CareOregon + Health Share of Oregon?

Staying with CareOregon + Health Share will allow you to keep the providers you trust while also giving you access to a broad network of additional doctors, dentists, counselors, clinics and hospitals.

Health Share of Oregon is a locally-based non-profit committed to improving health access. And CareOregon, Health Share’s largest health plan, has been helping Oregonians get the health care they need for more than 25 years.

OHP Resources:

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