CareOregon’s 25th Anniversary: Access to wellness at the YMCA

In recognition of CareOregon’s 25th anniversary, each month we’re featuring a story of the programs, people or providers who are the components of our story.

Jackson Care Connect helps members achieve a healthy lifestyle by partnering with the YMCA.

Learning new diet and exercise habits through a Jackson Care Connect-sponsored program at the Rogue Valley YMCA set Carlos up for a bright future. Carlos and his family went on a journey to improve their health, moving away from fast food, and developing healthier eating habits. With the tools he learned, Carlos lost weight, gained strength and improved his overall health. His journey continued outside of the YMCA, as he became a wrestler and took on leadership positions at his school. Jackson Care Connect covers members’ cost for group-centered wellness programs at the YMCA that support individual needs to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Health care providers can refer patients to these programs, to get wellness support beyond the doctor’s office.