Community Giving Grant Program starts Spring round of funding

For over two decades, CareOregon Community Giving has worked to improve access to health care and other resources for both CareOregon members and non-members. In the past two years alone, we’ve invested more than $20 million into Oregon communities through grants, sponsorships, improvements in provider capacity and social services. Grants and sponsorships are made to community-based organizations working with Oregon Health Plan members.

CareOregon will have two grant rounds in 2019 – Spring and Fall. The Spring round of funding is now open and closes on Monday, April 29.

Funding areas include supportive services for housing and programming responding to or preventing children's trauma or ACEs (adverse childhood experiences).

For more information visit CareOregon's Community Giving Grant Program page on this website. 

Please note that only tax exempt organizations are eligible to apply for community giving grants from CareOregon.