Enroll now for Empowering Patients in Advanced Illness on November 21st

By Paul Carson

Join Housecall Providers Medical Director Dr. Will Kennedy, CareOregon Director of Care Coordination Karissa Smith, VP of Pharmacy Jim Slater, and Clinical Pharmacist Leah Goeres, as they lead an interactive workshop exploring:

  • The positive impact that focusing on goals of care can make on patient outcomes;
  • Successful strategies for deprescribing pill burdens and potentially inappropriate medications;
  • How leveraging the model of care shared by Housecall Providers and CareOregon can improve health outcomes and increase patient well-being, while reducing healthcare costs.

By creating treatment plans that are informed by the patient’s own goals of care and the likely paths their illnesses will take, we can simplify strategies so the patient is heard, engaged and can escape the confusion of a high medication burden.

90 million Americans are living with complex chronic illness – earlier recognition of patient goals of care and where they are on the chronic disease continuum can allow for simpler strategies, revealing the resources for support that let you better help patients.

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3.5 hours of CME credit are being filed for this event (determination of credit is pending).