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I heard that Trillium might not be coming to the Portland metro market. Is that true?

We know that Trillium will not have any members for the first few months of the year based on communication we’ve received from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

On November 8, the OHA gave notice to the Trillium Community Health Plan that it cannot enroll members in the Portland metro region at this time. This decision was made because Trillium does not currently have a hospital in its Portland metro provider network — therefore they cannot adequately serve members in this region. The press release went on November 11 from OHA.

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members who were supposed to be assigned to Trillium will now be reassigned to Health Share of Oregon — effective on January 1, 2020.

Will Trillium get members assigned to them in the future?

Per notice from OHA, if Trillium further develops a provider network, the earliest Trillium will be able to start enrolling members will be April 1, 2020.

OHA has also stated that if they cannot contract with a hospital and meet other necessary network requirements by June 30, 2020 — then they will lose their ability to serve the Portland metro market over the next 5 years.

Will there be any disruptions in care?

The OHA is ensuring continuity of care as outlined in their recent Providers Matter communication. Patients who were assigned to Trillium, but are with CareOregon now, will stay with CareOregon in the new year. It’s important that you allow these patients to keep their existing appointments with you to avoid disruptions in their care.

If I have patients that were assigned to Trillium, what should they do?

The best thing to do is to wait to hear from the OHA, they will notify your patients about their reassignment to Health Share — prior to when new coverage will take effect on January 1, 2020. In the meantime, patients will continue to receive coverage through Health Share, and Health Share will send them a new Member ID card and Member Handbook for 2020 in the coming weeks.

If you or your patients have other questions, please contact OHA directly at 800-273-0557. Please note, wait times are longer than usual.

Our clinic sees Medicare patients who are enrolled with CareOregon Advantage. Will these changes affect my ability to see these patients?

No, these changes should not impact your ability to see CareOregon Advantage patients. If you have questions about seeing CareOregon Advantage patients, please contact our Provider Relations team at 503-416-4100 and press 3 for provider.

Where can I find more information?

This is all the information we have from OHA at this time and will continue to share more online and through our clinical team as additional details become available. If you have other questions, we suggest you visit OHA’s site for providers: aspx

What does this mean for CareOregon?

Some of the members reassigned to Health Share will stay with CareOregon. We are actively working with OHA and Health Share of Oregon to ensure the smoothest transition possible, with minimal disruption. CareOregon is committed to coordinating quality care for all our members, and you can rest assured that we have the capacity and resources to continue serving their needs.

Starting January 1, 2020

  • CCOs will honor all existing service authorizations (physical, oral, behavioral health and prescription drugs) from the member’s 2019 CCO for up to six months.
  • Members will be able to see their current primary care provider for at least 90 days.
  • Members will be able to see their current behavioral health provider for at least 180 days.

If you have questions around CareOregon’s benefits or transition plan, contact Provider Relations at 503-416-4100 and press 3 for provider.

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