Interview Requests

CareOregon’s staff consists of subject matter experts in many health care topics. If you are interested in learning more or would like to request an interview, please contact the CareOregon Communications office:

Jeanie Lunsford

Communications Manager


Specialized Topics

Oregon Health Plan
The Oregon Health Plan includes the state’s Medicaid program and additional benefits for other Oregonians with limited income and access to health care.

Health Care Policy
CareOregon’s goal of achieving world class health care for all Oregonians, regardless of financial means, includes taking stands on federal and state policies.

Member Advocacy Efforts
CareOregon seeks to assure its members have a voice in not only the operations of CareOregon, but also in the community and with policymakers.

Local and Global Participation in Transforming Health Care
CareOregon actively partners with organizations in Oregon, the United States and around the world that are at the forefront of the effort to improve health care quality.

In addition to serving its Medicaid members, CareOregon also provides Medicare Advantage plans for Medicare recipients of limited means and Medicare recipients who also qualify for Medicaid.