Who We Are

CareOregon puts the care into health care. We are a nonprofit health plan serving the health care needs of low-income Oregonians, including about one quarter of Oregon Health Plan members. 

We care about people

We serve Oregonians eligible for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Medicare Advantage members who have us as their health care option. But that’s not all. We are a managed health care company with an overarching goal: to make world-class, high-quality health care available to all Oregon residents, regardless of income.


We support our neighbors

We know that some Oregonians are in need but don’t qualify for OHP benefits. We work to strengthen the health care safety net that these Oregonians rely upon, from local health departments and community clinics to rural and migrant health centers. We partner with policy makers and legislators to improve services and provide access to quality care throughout the state, from urban centers to rural neighborhoods.


We work with first-class providers

CareOregon has built a health care delivery system that assures access to physicians and health care professionals who understand special needs and provide quality care regardless of a patient’s financial resources.


We work with policy makers to ensure access

We provide Oregon Health Plan enrollees access to health care services in exchange for a per member, per month capitation rate. The Oregon Legislature sets this payment rate. The payments are subject to available state funding. CareOregon takes full financial risk for the health care services our members use.

CareOregon, formed by safety net health care providers in the state, is a Safety Net Health Plan. Safety Net Health Plans are nonprofits that derive their revenue from public programs. CareOregon is a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit organization that draws nearly all its revenue from public programs such as Medicaid (the Oregon Health Plan), Medicare and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

To put it simply, CareOregon ensures that members have timely access to high quality health care from a broad network of providers, and CareOregon works hard every day to keep people healthy and active in their homes and communities. 

Members, providers, staff, policy makers, advocates and communities. We are better together.