Leonard Bertheau, DO., diabetologist and family practitioner, Adventist Health

Leonard Bertheau, DO., diabetologist
and family practitioner, Adventist Health

MEDS Ed seminars

Our Pharmacy team is pleased to host
MEDS Ed, an ongoing education series for health care professionals who are involved in direct patient care at community clinics.

These 3-hour sessions examine disease states that highly impact patient quality of life, require complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays.

At MEDS Ed, clinicians:

  • Gain valuable insights and practical care strategies.
  • Explore different elements of patient medication risk.
  • Improve the ability to contribute to a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Get answers to questions.

Guest speakers include physicians, specialists, pharmacists and other health care experts from the community and CareOregon.

Subjects addressed in past MEDS Ed seminars include diabetes, COPD, hypertension and depression.

Have a topic for us to consider? Questions? Email us at medschart@careoregon.org.

MEDS Ed participants tell us:

‘Amazing opportunity’
Your team has done an excellent job, and we have re-referenced the information from these classes over and over again. Yesterday I came back to the clinic with a newly diagnosed patient with severe COPD, and I felt so prepared for delivering the help she needed. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity. —Tonia White, RN, RN care manager, OHSU Gabriel Park

‘Extremely practical tools’
It is extremely rare to find a meeting that is so practical you can take it back to work and start using it that afternoon…I keep pinching myself after every meeting. I'm a nurse of 30+ years doing medical home care management, and this gives me extremely practical tools I can use regularly with my patients to help them improve their health status. One time, I used my vacation time to come...they are THAT valuable!!—MEDS Ed attendee

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September 20

Diabetes: Pathways to Treament - for physicians/providers 

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September 21

Severe and Persistent Mental Illness - for nurses and other healthcare professionals 

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Sample our MEDS Ed content

Video Seminars:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

COPD MEDS Ed SeminarThis session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program for healthcare professionals focuses on COPD – the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

Part 1, featuring Pharmacist Andrew Hibbard includes an overview of the causes of COPD, epidemiology, complications, medication management, updated GOLD Guidelines, and smoking cessation/lifestyle modification.

Part 2, featuring Respiratory Therapist Heather Stoecklin includes inhaler usage and the importance of spacers, front-line therapy options, and treatment strategies for this high-risk disease state, including pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as BIPAP and CPAP therapy.

Recorded on February 16, 2017 at CareOregon, Portland, Ore.

Click here to watch the seminar

Featured speakers:

  • Andrew Hibbard, PharmD, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident, CareOregon
  • Heather Stoecklin, Health Resilience Respiratory Therapist, Population Health Partnership, CareOregon

Motivational Interviewing: Introduction to MI

MEDS ED - Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare ProvidersAn Inter-professional speaker panel including CareOregon Training & Development Specialist Paul Carson and Adventist Health Nurse Care Manager Erin Lemon lead an interactive workshop on the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing. Attendees learned how to effectively incorporate MI techniques into a nurse’s busy workflow, while gaining an understanding of MI’s effectiveness in eliciting behavior change and improving communication with patients who experience a background of trauma.

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Featured speakers:

  • Paul Carson, BA, Training & Development Specialist, CareOregon
  • Erin Lemon, BSN, RN, CCDS, Adventist Health

Pain Management

MEDS Ed - Pain Management Slide Cover Clinicians discuss treating chronic pain and ways to talk with patients about their pain management regimens. They describe how to screen, recognize and triage high-risk symptoms associated with pain medications.

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Featured speakers:

  • Dr. Rachel Solotaroff, Medical Director, Central City Concern Chair, CareOregon Metro Chronic Pain/Chemical Dependency Task Force
  • Tara Berkson, PharmD, MEDS Ed Coordinator, CareOregon
  • Nadejda Razi-Robertson, LCSW, Behavioral Health Consultant


CareOregon MEDS Ed - Depression SeminarPsychiatrist John K. Bischof, MD discusses the disease and therapy options for patients coping with depression. We get the patient perspective from David Lee Greenlee and Bridget Bradley from Pacific University School of Pharmacy gives a medication review.

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Featured speakers:

  • John K. Bischof, MD, Psychiatric Medical Director - Old Town Recovery Center, Central City Concern
  • David Lee Greenlee
  • Bridget Bradley, PharmD, BCPP - Pacific University School of Pharmacy, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center


Diabetes: The Ins and Outs of InsulinAn interprofessional speaker panel including Adventist Health Diabetologist Dr. Leonard Bertheau and Tara Berkson, PharmD will lead interactive discussions on navigating the latest best practices when caring for complex and high-risk patients with diabetes. Certified Diabetes Educator and RN, Cheryl Ortner, will share her insights on educating patients about lifestyle modifications and medication use.

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Featured speakers:

  • Leonard Bertheau, DO Diabetes and Endocrine Center Adventist Health
  • Tara Berkson, PharmD, MEDS Ed Coordinator, CareOregon
  • Cheryl Ortner, RN, MSN, CDE Diabetes & Endocrine Center Adventist Health

MEDS Ed ClassHandouts from past sessions: 

Formulary Antihypertensives

Within 20 Minutes of Quitting” 

"COPD Nurse MEDS Ed"

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