• For more information on the Oregon Health Plan, call:


Apply for the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid)

If you aren't on the OHP yet and want to sign up, here are two ways you can:

  • Visit the Oregon Health Authority web site

  • Call the Oregon Health Authority's OHP Customer Service, toll free: 1-800-699-9075
  • CareOregon serves members in various counties throughout the state.  If you live in a county where CareOregon serves as a partner in a CCO, you can ask to be placed with that CCO when you apply.

    Here is a list of the CCOs that CareOregon partners with and the counties they serve:

    • Columbia Pacific CCO: Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties
    • Jackson Care Connect: Jackson County 
    • Health Share of Oregon: Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties
    • Yamhill Community Care Organization: Yamhill, parts of Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and Washington counties.