PLEASE NOTE: To find a Mental Health or Substance Use Treatment provider, please follow the link on our Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment resource page

You can search by city, county, ZIP code or your own address. A special advantage is the mapping function, which shows you exactly where a provider is located.

The provider search tool is updated with all contracted provider changes within 30 days of receipt and generally much sooner. The tool itself is refreshed nightly, and includes the most up-to-date information in our contracted network.

If you have any questions about the search function, please call Customer Service at 503-416-4100 or 800-224-4840 (TTY: 711).

Important to Know:

Except for vision, chemical dependency, family planning or obstetric appointments, your PCP will coordinate your care.

If you do not speak English, have difficulty understanding English or need sign language interpretation, let your provider’s office know when you call to make your appointment. You have a legal right to interpretation, and the services are free.

Mail Order Pharmacies

You can have your drugs delivered directly to your door with one of our mail order pharmacies listed below. Click on the name of the pharmacy to bring up the form you'll need to fill out and send in.