The CareOregon Effect

Every day, CareOregon helps hundreds of thousands of Oregonians get the care they deserve. But good health is more than health care. That’s why we invest in programs that help people get housing, healthy food, job training and more. Our members’ lives touch countless other lives. And when they are stronger, we are all stronger. That’s the CareOregon Effect.

In 2018, we helped 10,000 moms and babies get prenatal care.

Proper prenatal care and nutrition is essential for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Last year, nearly 31,000 CareOregon Dental members went to the dentist.

Dental health is an important part of overall health. Regular checkups can help people keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Child holding sign that says we love our home

More than $20 million for safe housing over the past 25 years

Every year, CareOregon awards millions of dollars to organizations like Central City Concern to move families into safe housing.

Every year, we help thousands of Portlanders get fresh produce.

By supporting CSAs like Zenger Farm, we’re working to increase access to healthy food, promote sustainability and eliminate food deserts.

In 2018, we helped more than 1,000 local kids become better readers.

Working with organizations like The Shadow Project, we’re helping to increase literacy and accessibility for children with learning challenges.

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