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Expanding access to mental health care with Trillium Family Services

CareOregon has partnered with Trillium Family Services over the years to advance mental health care and improve outcomes for Oregon’s youth and families.

Located across Oregon, Trillium Family Services provides comprehensive mental health care to our members. Trillium is one of the only providers in Oregon offering the full continuum of mental health care for youth and families – from providing support in schools to delivering more focused mental health treatments in a hospital setting.

Over the years, CareOregon has invested significantly in Trillium’s programming and expansion. Through our shared belief in creating safe communities where children and families are healthy and have the best opportunity for success, we’ve worked closely together to support programs that help address the mental health needs of youth and families.

These programs include mental health prevention work, school-based outpatient care in over 100 unique school communities across Oregon, intensive outpatient care, day treatment/partial hospitalization, residential care, psychiatric hospitalization and more.

“We firmly believe that mental health is health, and Trillium Family Services is one of CareOregon’s biggest providers of mental health services,” said Amy Shea Reyes, CareOregon’s Behavioral Health Manager for Children, Youth and Families. “Our partnership and investment reflect our commitment to supporting the full spectrum of mental health services that Trillium provides. They are one of our largest, most active partners, and we’re grateful for how we’ve been able to scale our impact together.”

Beyond clinical support, CareOregon has also provided community grant investments, including a $100,000 grant for generators, which proved useful during last year’s major storms that caused widespread power outages.

In addition, CareOregon has supported Trillium’s Keep Oregon Well in Schools campaign. This program emphasizes mental health awareness and education within school environments, helping to create safer and more supportive spaces for students. By fostering mental wellness in schools, the aim is to prevent issues before they start and provide early intervention when needed.

Our partnership also extends into the community, with Trillium Family Services selected as CareOregon’s official community partner in this year’s Starlight Parade on June 1. Together, the goal is to raise awareness and normalize the conversation around mental health care and treatment.

“As CareOregon celebrates 30 years of expanding access to health care in underserved communities, we are excited to strengthen our partnership with Trillium Family Services,” Shea Reyes said. “Together, we will continue to champion mental health care for Oregon’s youth and families, fostering a brighter, healthier future for all.”

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