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Alcohol Use Disorder: Expanding Successful Treatment in Primary Care and Beyond

A MEDS Ed seminar

This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program focuses on managing the complexities of Alcohol Use Disorder, including strategies for removing the fear and lack of comfort around AUD treatment; assessment, and treatment-based competencies; the importance and under-utilization of medications in the treatment of AUD; engagement with behavioral health and community resources to assist with AUD treatment in a primary care setting.

Download the slide deck here to follow along.

Key session takeaways

  • Defining binge-drinking & heavy alcohol use for both women and men. Part 1 – 24:19
  • Alcohol Use Disorder is highly prevalent and often goes untreated (1 in 11). Part 1 – 27:52
  • 5 Oregonians die from alcohol use every day – twice as many as opioid deaths. Part 1 – 29:18
  • Gray Area Drinking – drinking among women has skyrocketed. Part 1 – 31:10
  • Naltrexone and other medications for treatment – oral Naltrexone should be used much more often in your practice! Part 1 – 35:55
  • Alarming facts about Alcohol Use Disorder. Part 3 – 6:00
  • Patients are far more willing to enter treatment within a primary care setting than within a specialty treatment center. Part 3 – 10:35
  • Tips on using a Trauma-Informed Care approach, including the importance of using affirming language. Part 3 – 38:00
  • Tips on helping patients reduce drinking – and remembering to check your biases. Part 3 – 47:15
  • Information about project ANTECEDENT as a free resource to support all primary care clinics! Part 3 – 58:54
  • How your CCO can support the work you’re doing around Alcohol Use Disorder. Part 4 – 00:44


Featured speakers

  • Melissa Brewster, PharmD, BCPS – Senior Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, CareOregon
  • Dr. Amanda Risser, MD, MPH – Senior Medical Director of Substance Use Disorder Services, Central City Concern
  • Kyle Higgins, LCSW – Behavioral Health Consultant, OHSU Family Medicine 
  • Dr. Matt Chan, MD – Assistant Professor, OHSU Family Medicine
  • Stacie Andoniadis – Program Manager, Medication for Addictions – CareOregon

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Alcohol Use Disorder: Expanding Successful Treatment in Primary Care and Beyond (Parts 1-5) - A MEDS Ed Seminar:       

Individual presentations:

Panel Q&A:

  • Q&A Panel - Alcohol Use Disorder: Expanding Successful Treatment in Primary Care and Beyond (5/5):              

Recorded on June 18th as a remote web-cast in Portland, OR.

Program Description

MEDS Ed is an ongoing education series by CareOregon’s Pharmacy team. It’s geared to clinicians and health care professionals involved in direct patient care at community clinics. Attendees leave with valuable tools and insights that improve how they can contribute to multi-disciplinary teams.

Each three-to-four-hour MEDS Ed session examines a disease state that highly impacts patient quality of life, requires complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays. Speakers include pharmacists and clinicians from the community and from CareOregon staff.