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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder

A MEDS Ed seminar


This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program focuses on new simplified medication guidelines for treatment of COPD; effective demonstration of inhalers and DME supplies; as well as insight into the role of the specialist and pulmonology referral in coordinating treatment.

Part 1: Content from Rhett Cummings provides an overview of COPD public health impacts , as well as diagnosis and assessment information, and benefits of treatment.

Part 2: Content from Mariah Alford focuses on pharmacological therapy; CareOregon’s new COPD Treatment Pathway; as well as an overview of updated GOLD guidelines.

Part 3: Content from Heather Stoecklin provides detail on managing exacerbations; non-pharmacological treatments such as pulmonary rehab; durable medical equipment; and demonstration of correct inhaler usage in patient-friendly terms.

Part 4: Content from Laura Fisk focuses on integrating behavioral health with risk factors such as smoking, depression and anxiety; review of behavioral health interventions and tips for introducing patients to the idea of BH support.

Part 5: Content in Dr. Cummings’ second segment provides insight into effective pulmonology referral and the role of the specialist in treatment.

Featured speakers


  • Rhett Cummings, MD – Pulmonary Medicine; Critical Care Medicine – The Oregon Clinic
  • Mariah Alford, PharmD, BCPS – Pharmacy Clinical Supervisor – CareOregon
  • Heather Stoecklin, RRT – Population Health Respiratory Therapist – CareOregon
  • Laura Fisk, PsyD – Behavioral Health Innovation Specialist – CareOregon
  • Heather Stoecklin, Health Resilience Respiratory Therapist, Population Health Partnership, CareOregon

Recorded on March 1, 2019 at CareOregon, Portland, OR.


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MEDS Ed is an ongoing education series by CareOregon’s Pharmacy team. It’s geared to clinicians and health care professionals involved in direct patient care at community clinics. Attendees leave with valuable tools and insights that improve how they can contribute to multi-disciplinary teams.

Each three-to-four-hour MEDS Ed session examines a disease state that highly impacts patient quality of life, requires complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays. Speakers include pharmacists and clinicians from the community and from CareOregon staff.

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