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Culture and Illness - Implications for Clinicians and Health Professionals

A MEDS Ed seminar

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This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program explores weaving cultural competence into our behaviors and policies, improving our cultural effectiveness and the lives of our patients.


Key Session Takeaways

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  • Don’t be afraid to establish ground rules when having difficult conversations about diversity; tailor them to your personality. Part 1 – 7:04
  • Bias comes into play when providing care or identifying/hiring talent; these biases are most often implicit or unconscious. Part 1 – 14:30
  • Don’t be afraid to assess bias. One can identify current strengths, and areas where improvements can be made. Part 1 – 16:07
  • Develop a value base for EDI; ultimately construe it in the clinician’s best interest, but with mutual benefits. We are doing it as much for us as for them. Part 1 – 20:17
  • Focus on equity as a way of tailoring or individualizing care and understanding the patient context. Part 1 – 23:47
  • Develop your own talking points and identify with whom specific arguments might resonate. Part 1 – 25:02
  • Try to understand the patient in terms of their internal and external health determinants. See within-group differences, understand the categories or how we label people can inadvertently cause us to invoke new stereotypes otherwise. Part 3 – 5:29
  • See diversity when you see people, not just certain people. Part 3 – 9:00
  • We are all diverse and unique. Part 3 – 10:55
  • Show yourself and others grace.  This is a developmental process; we all start at different point; compare yourself to yourself over time. Part 3 – 48:22
  • As with any body of knowledge, understand you’ll never exhaust the need to learn about diversity; cultures and contexts change over time and knowledge is always being developed. Part 3 – 49:26

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. James Mason – Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer – CareOregon

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Culture and Illness - Implications for Clinicians and Health Professionals (Parts 1-3) - A MEDS Ed Seminar:

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