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Effective substance use treatment

A MEDS Ed seminar

This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program focuses on the science and use of medications as best-practice for the treatment of opioid and alcohol use disorders; Distinguishing the barriers and myths about recovery treatment from evidence and effective treatment; Understanding the guidelines for effectively navigating high-risk patient referrals with a special focus on coordination between behavioral health and primary care; planning next steps to support further implementation and improved access of MAT in our network.

  1. 1. Content from Paul Lewis provides an overview of the opioid crisis; drug-related risks and outcomes; risk factors and withdrawal; the influence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); overdose and mortality trends; prescribing trends and local approaches and policies to integrate recovery and treatment.
  2. 2. Content from Andrew Mendenhall examines clinical opportunities for medication supported recovery in primary care practices; the chasm between need and access; treatment of substance use disorders as chronic disease states; fully integrated components of successful OUD treatment.
  3. 3. Content from Alison Noice provides an overview of recovery medications, including methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone; moving beyond a “fail first” mentality; expanding MAT in behavioral health.
  4. 4. Content from Amy Jo Cook and Dan Hall highlights their work as community paramedics providing recovery support for overdose survivors with Project Hope; Reducing the number of people who overdose on opioids, decreasing future 911 calls and hospital readmissions; Bridging gaps in care by connecting vulnerable patients to treatment and other critical resources.
  5. 5. Content from Anthony Cheng and Stacie Andoniadis examines their successful implementation of MAT within primary care; creating workflows and policies; creating and utilizing MAT SmartSet to assist providers with safe and efficient patient care; suggestions for implementation within primary care.
  6. 6. Content from Tanya Kapka reviews Metro strategy and next steps for MAT, opioids and SUD; aligning regional strategies and priorities to help meet the quadruple aim; current collaborations; next steps in supporting MAT for primary care providers and clinics; concerns and barriers; referral guidelines; obtaining technical assistance for primary care implementation; review of implementation resources.

Effective Substance Use Treatment: From Stigma to Tipping Point – A MEDS Ed seminar
Recorded on October 12, 2018 at CareOregon, Portland, OR.


Paul Lewis, MD, MPH – Multnomah County Health Officer

Andrew Mendenhall, MD, DABAM, DABFM – Senior Medical Director, Substance Use Disorder Services – Central City Concern

Alison Noice, MA, CADC III – Deputy Director, CODA

Amy Jo Cook, Community Paramedic – Clackamas Fire District #1

Dan Hall, Community Paramedic – AMR

Anthony Cheng, MD – OHSU South Waterfront

Stacie Andoniadis, Primary Care Innovations Specialist – CareOregon

Tanya Kapka, MD, MPH – Metro Medical Director; Network and Clinical Support – CareOregon

SLIDES “Effective Substance Use Treatment: From Stigma to Tipping Point” (PDF) -