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A MEDS Ed seminar

This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program focuses on managing children’s complex health conditions, including the impact of parental trauma, behavioral health integration, high-risk medications, improving family engagement and follow-through, and population data highlighting high-risk children.

Key Session Takeaways

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  • Parental Trauma can have an impact on a child’s developmental delays and social-emotional risk. Part 1 – 2:38
  • Parents have new brain growth in the first six months after their child’s birth…UNLESS they are experiencing stress, which impairs frontal cortex development. Part 1 – 9:33
  • A child whose parent has a high ACE score will have increased odds for behavioral and emotional problems. Part 1 – 22:45
  • Positive relationships with providers help build resilience. Part 1 – 31:50
  • Providers only see a small glimpse of the greater social complexity that creates barriers to engagement.  Part 2 – 12:40
  • The context of social determinants of health, inequities, and bad experiences with the healthcare system must be kept in mind when engaging with families, along with the perceptions and assumptions we have as providers. Part 2 – 55:52
  • The top questions to ask to help improve family follow-through and engagement.  Part 2 – 1:04:35
  • Patients and families often feel more comfortable and trusting of primary care providers, which can help reduce stigma. Part 3 – 2:00
  • Which disorders cause PCPs to contact child psychiatric resources? Part 3 – 7:00
  • What are the criteria for improving clinical practice? Part 3 – 27:45

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. R.J. Gillespie, MD, MHPE, FAAP – The Children’s Clinic
  • Dr. Kimberly B. Spiro, PhD – Co-founder and Clinical Director of OHSU's NICH program (Novel Interventions in Children’s Healthcare)
  • Dr. Keith Cheng, MD – Associate Medical Director – Behavioral Health – CareOregon; Oregon Psychiatric Access Line about Kids (OPAL-K); Child Psychiatry ECHO Training Clinic

Featured Content


Innovations in Pediatric Health Complexities and Social Risk (Parts 1-4) - A MEDS Ed Seminar

Individual presentations:

  • Part 1: Integrated Primary Care Response to Parental ACEs 
  • Part 2: Keeping the Ship Afloat: Strategies for Engagement that Work for Anyone 
  • Part 3: Innovative Strategies to  Improve Access to Mental  and Behavioral Health Care

Panel Q&A:

  • Part 4: Innovations in Pediatric Health Complexities and Social Risk 

Recorded on May 21st as a remote web-cast in Portland, OR.



MEDS Ed is an ongoing education series by CareOregon’s Pharmacy team. It’s geared to clinicians and health care professionals involved in direct patient care at community clinics. Attendees leave with valuable tools and insights that improve how they can contribute to multi-disciplinary teams.

Each three-to-four-hour MEDS Ed session examines a disease state that highly impacts patient quality of life, requires complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays. Speakers include pharmacists and clinicians from the community and from CareOregon staff.