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Motivational Interviewing Basics: Engaging the telehealth world through a trauma-informed lens

A MEDS Ed seminar

This session provides an overview Motivational Interviewing principles, suited for either the beginner or for those looking for a refresher and fresh perspective. CareOregon Training & Development Specialist Paul Carson will convene the session to highlight ways that MI is an effective communication tool, and in particular for patients with a background of trauma.

Download the slide deck here to follow along.


Key Session Takeaways

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  • The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study established a strong relationship between abuse and traumatic experiences during childhood and later-life adult health, well-being, and death.  Part 1 – 19:09
  • Medication Trauma is medication complexity and lack of coordination that overwhelms the patient, caregivers and provider’s resources, creating fear, confusion and error, which leads to poor adherence, compliance and outcomes. Part 1 – 36:10
  • Change is a process, not an event. Part 2 – 05:26
  • Motivational Interviewing is made up of four core skills or “OARS.” Part 2 – 17:05
  • Reflective Listening is the most important MI skill. Part 2 – 25:00
  • Three parts of your MI “toolkit” you can still practice even when you don’t have a lot of time. Part 2 – 51:36
  • A review of No-Lose Conflict Resolution. Part 3 – 06:45
  • The difference between patient-owned problems and provider-owned problems. Part 3 – 11:40
  • Recent Practical Case Examples – Part 3 – 37:17 

Featured Speakers

  • Paul Carson, BA; Training & Development Specialist – CareOregon
  • Sharon Allen, MS, LPC; Virginia Garcia/LifeWorks NW Behavioral Health Provider

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Motivational Interviewing Basics: Engaging the telehealth world through a trauma-informed lens (Parts 1-4) - A MEDS Ed Seminar:

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Motivational Interviewing: The Impact of Trauma/Medication Trauma (1/4):­

Motivational Interviewing Basics (2/4):­

Motivational Interviewing: Practical Examples from the Telehealth World (3/4):

Panel Q&A:   

Motivational Interviewing Basics (4/4):