Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your family, CareOregon is here for you

Pregnancy is a one-of-a-kind journey, filled with change. We put together our CareBaby program as a map for this time. The idea is to support you along the way, and help your baby get a great start.

The program begins with CareBaby: Your helpful guide to a healthy and happy pregnancy,” a trimester-by-trimester booklet. After the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) lets us know you’re pregnant and we are able to confirm with you or your provider, we will mail you a printed copy of the CareBaby booklet.

We hope the guide’s size makes it easy for you to bring it along to provider appointments. There’s space for notes, too.

In the meantime, here’s a digital version of the same guide. It’s also available
in Spanish.

Are you pregnant but haven’t yet received your copy? That may mean that OHP records need to be updated about your pregnancy. Our Customer Service is happy to help with this. Please contact us.

Contact CareOregon

Portland metro area: 503-416-4100 | Toll-free: 800-224-4840 | TTY: 711

Contact the Oregon Health Plan

Call OHP: Toll-free at 800-699-9075
Log-on or create a ONE account to update your information: one.oregon.gov
Email updates and questions to: oregonhealthplan.changes@state.or.us. Write “Pregnancy status change” in the email subject line: Include basic details in the body of the email: your full name, Member ID number, mailing address and phone number.

carebaby-icon3TIP: Have questions?
You may have lots of questions during the months ahead. Who to ask?

Call your clinic when you have questions or concerns about your pregnancy.
Call CareOregon Customer Service with questions about benefits and services.


Common pregnancy terms

  • When you’re pregnant, you may come across new health-related words. We’ve defined some common ones.

Supporting your pregnancy

  • It’s doubly good to take care of yourself while pregnant — because that’s the best way to take care of your growing baby, too. We’re here to help with that.

TIP: OHP coverage for your babycarebaby-icon8
After your baby is born, you’ll want to enroll your newborn in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Enrollment is not automatic.

The hospital can help send a Newborn Notification Form to OHP. If the hospital does not take care of that, please ask CareOregon Customer Service for a copy of the form.

Pregnancy info and resources

carebaby-icon15 As you go through pregnancy and start life with your baby, remember that CareOregon and many others in the community care about your health and well-being. Please reach out when you need support.

  • Staying healthy while pregnant

  • Staying safe while pregnant

  • Staying informed while pregnant

  • Resources after your baby is born