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Pharmacy Network Update: Walgreens Pharmacy FAQs

Oct 3, 2023, 22:01 PM

Effective 10/1/2023, all HSO/CareOregon, Columbia Pacific CCO, Jackson Care Connect, and CareOregon Advantage members will be able to fill prescriptions at Walgreens Pharmacies.

Which Walgreens locations does this include?

All of Oregon as well as nationally.

However, for Medicaid members, pharmacies must additionally have a State MAP ID number. This requirement may limit out-of-state Walgreens locations from processing prescriptions for primary Medicaid members. This same requirement applies to all pharmacies, not just Walgreens.

How long has Walgreens Pharmacy been out of the CareOregon network?

Since 1/01/2012, more than 11 years.

Why are we adding Walgreens to the network?

To expand access and convenience and improve experience for our members. In recent years, when there is a pharmacy business closure, prescriptions are transferred to Walgreens. Adding Walgreens to the network will prevent member disruption in the event of pharmacies closing.

Are members being notified?

For CareOregon Advantage (Medicare), we are notifying members during the annual enrollment period (AEP) with a mail insert.

Targeted communication to members is TBD as we get closer to 1/1/2024.

No mass mailing communications are being targeted to the CCO (Medicaid) enrolled members at this time.

Are providers being notified?

A message will be posted on the provider portal. There are no current plans for mass mailings or fax blast campaigns. Our internal Provider Relations Team will also be made aware and they may share this information directly with their clinic partners.

What does a member need to do to fill their prescriptions at Walgreens?

Take any new prescriptions along with their insurance card directly to Walgreens. Have the provider send electronically a prescription to Walgreens; make sure they bring their insurance card when picking up their prescription. Current prescriptions can be transferred to Walgreens as well. Members should request their desired Walgreens to initiate that transfer process.

Will we reimburse members if they filled prescriptions at Walgreens prior to 10/1/2023?

No. We will follow our out-of-network pharmacy policies.

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